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Safety TailTalker


Need to display a safety or caution sign on your vehicle?  We have the answer! Check out the New Safety TailTalker. We can customize your Safety TailTalker to say any custom safety message that you want. See examples below or click here to purchase.

Custom Safety TailTalkers - Want your own safety or caution Tailtalker for your company or company vehicle?  We can design one with your company logo or whatever design ides you had in mind.  

What is the cost for the Custom Safety Tailtalkers?
  • $50 initial art setup charge
  • $59.95 per custom TailTalker with a minimum order or 25 pieces. 
  • Stock TailTalkers shown below can be ordered with a minimum of 1 piece.
  • Contact Rick Post for more information at 706-878-7992.