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High School Fundraising - TailTalkers

If you would like to see your high school have it's own TailTalker and generate more money with our High School Fundraising Program, please get in touch with us.  We would be happy to work with you. TailTalkers for high schools and middle schools make great fundraisers! We can create custom High School Tail Talkers for any sport or, softball, soccer, baseball and even your high school band. 

What is the cost for the High School Tailtalkers?
  • $50 initial art setup charge
  • $35.95 per TailTalker with a minimum order or 25 pieces. (Suggested retail for fundraising is $59.95 - you profit $25 on each order!)
  • Contact Rick Post for more information at 706-878-7992

Here are some examples of High School TailTalkers: